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SwordVania is a small platformer with metroidvania like elements.

Move - Arrow keys / W, A, S, D / D-PAD / Left stick controller

Jump - UP arrow / Space / A Button controller

Sword - Z / J / X Button controller

Bow - X / K / B Button controller

Bomb - C / L / Y Button controller

Options-Pause Menu - ESC / P / Start-Back Button controller

Fullscreen toggle - F10

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Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tags2D, Medieval, Metroidvania, Pixel Art


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SwordVania.exe 42 MB


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About how long is the game? :) 

Fantastic little game, enjoyed it start to finish

i know its over a year but its still fun

hope you enjoy it!

Cool to see people still playing this :)

Fun but short and with bugs

Made a video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1hW6RHOuNE

Very cool!

I played it in full. It's fun, the controls are pretty good, the music is really sweet, just the bagpipes are too loud at times.


Thanks for making the video. I shared thevideo on my twitter and i hope that more people will see it.

I also going to look if i can do something about the bagpipes.

Thanks for sharing. The bagpipes, just a tad quieter. :)

Castlevania but in sword. The curiosity is that the clouds at the beginning, look like the clouds from the game "Fix-It Felix jr.": http://files.arianchen.de/fix_it_felix_jr.zip

And the bugs are that the enemies bugged when being in the edges in the ground, And the longer is in the air, the double jump is less effective.

Thanks for taking your time to check my video game.

I made the clouds in Pyxel Edit by using the pencil rounded brush and then using different sizes and then just cutting them bij half, horizontaly.

I changed the jumping, now it always consistent, you are not the only one who got trouble with that.

my play through thanks https://youtu.be/-O6cZLa0xzM

Thanks for the video! Looks cool.

Too bad you did not managed to get up the ledge while doing a double jump.

yeah im not a pro at platformers gg well done