Hookshot is a fun and challenging arcade game in which you must shoot the player progressively up the puzzle area sticking to the walls as you rise. The aim of the game is to reach the end of the level without hitting any spikes or obstacles.

Guide your Hookshot ball or square through various levels. The ball Hookshot can move in 360 degrees through the level and the square can only move in 4 directions. The first levels are easy so you will get custom to the controls but later levels will introduce moving platforms, spikes, disappearing blocks, boost platforms, moving spike balls, timed door triggers and even the whole level will rotate. Hookshot is a nice little game that only use one button to play so it’s easy to play but hard to master.

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Figure 1: the square only show 2 directions (after changing from cirular form to square form)

i finished all missions and it's really excited. I found some bugs below:
- The shape stand on circular saw (it should be destroyed)

- Square shape lack direction, it show only 2 directions when stand on although it should be 3 (bug happen in mission 27 when shape change its form from cirular to square)