Going Up is a casual game with a minimalistic design. In this game, you need to complete short levels by getting the ball in the right hole. You can use the arrows left-right, or A and D, or click/touch left and right of the screen to move the platform where the ball is resting on. 

The game gets harder with each level, introducing more and more obstacles. There are holes where you don’t want the ball to fall into so you have to move the platform little by little. If the ball rolls off the platform you can spawn back at the bottom and you can try again. You have to stay patient and calm to have the most success.


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On level 3, besides the ball rolling off the platform, does the level also restart after it goes in a hole that has an "X" above it?

Also, fun ball action game! : )

Yes thats right, going in the hole with an X is the same as rolling off the platform.


And one more thing to tell you: I found one of your other games on Newgrounds. What is the name of that puzzle game?