Solve a lot of puzzles in Fit Block Puzzle. Try to fit all the different shaped blocks on the grid. The colourful blocks are like Tetris blocks but in this game, they come in many different sizes. Also, the grid where you need to place them is always new, from rectangle to round shaped. The game is meant to be relaxing and not too difficult. There is a slow build up in complexity of the puzzles but this game aims to have the player not being stuck forever.

The game is playable with only a keyboard or gamepad or mouse or touch.
You can change the background colour in the pause menu.
You can change the angle of the camera to isometric or top down.

Fit all the blocks on the grid
Move the cursor with a mouse or arrows/WASD or joystick
Select a block with left mouse or space or button a
Rotating the blocks is not necessary to solve puzzles.
Every completed level unlocks 2 new levels

Control styles:
Mouse and left click
WASD/Arrows and Space
Touch (drag and release)
Controller(left joystick and a button)

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It seems to me that in almost all levels it is possible to win without having to rotate the pieces, but I am not sure that is the case for all. In any case very good puzzle game with super chill soundtrack!

Really cool puzzle game!

This is a lot of fun!  I was pleasantly surprised that it saved my progress after I returned.