A weird art game where you collect artifacts, walk around, avoid ghosts with randomly generated islands until you get bored.

Use arrows or WASD or left stick or hold down the left mouse button to move. M to mute audio.

The player has the goal to collect different kinds of artifacts. When enough is collect a new island appears. When the spiral is formed a weird portal appears and a new world will be generated.

This game is a turn-based explorative game. Each new world is bigger than the one before, the game is endless and you will eventually get bored and quit.

The content of the island is randomly generated and this game is a bit of a dungeon crawler but linear. The later islands will contain ghost that follows you and when you collide with them you get spawned. Some of the ghosts leave a trail of spikes what can it a bit harder to maneuver.

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Well, that's pretty relaxing for a while. The art style is simple but still really beautiful.

I think I like these kind of games. So far not sure if I would like to move freely in any direction or stick with 4-way movement, at least at the current stage of project.

Nice project,  I like how the bad guys just "go away" after enough time. I would like it if the character moved as fast as I pressed the arrow button.